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Apple Not Interested in Making Netbook

Diposting oleh Didik Apriyanto on Jumat, 01 Mei 2009

California - Apple finally lift the talk about the rumor that the netbook buatannya be faster. In fact, Apple has dikabarkan cooperation with the company's home computer component Taiwan, Hon Hai Precision Industry to set up Netbook.

But rumor is rush be debated by the Chief Operating Officer (Coo) Apple, Tim Cook. Parahnya again, Cook said that the netbook is' rubbish '. Likewise dilansir Theinquirer, Tuesday (28/4/2009).

"When I see what is sold in a netbook, I see a small keyboard, the screen is very small, and software that bad," said Cook.

According to him, at this time Apple has not been interested to do so difficult for customers to be interested in the netbook in a long period of time

However, Cook stated that statement is not to close the possibility to produce Apple netbook. "But if we decide to make a netbook, we will be different from the netbook that currently circulating in the market," he said. (srn)

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Apple Create Self-Chip?

Diposting oleh Didik Apriyanto on

WASHINGTON - Apple want presence in the computer industry and the more gadgets and exclusive class. This statement after the rumor circulating that says, if Apple will make chipnya own.

Besides that, Apple wants to make the chip itself in order to increase profits by increasing the trust of consumers. This may also underlie Apple to face the rivalnya that the drop in bergeliat hegemony gagdet Apple as the most popular.

As PC World reported, Friday (1/5/2009), the chip Apple claimed to be supporting akan severity of Apple products. Not only that, this chip will not be made for personal computer (PC), but also for the iPhone, and iPod.

This rumor could be true, because as is known, around November and a petinggi Mark Papermaster that IBM has been working for 26 years, dibajak by Apple. While previously, Mark Papermaster last worked in IBM as Vice President in the development division Blade.

But unfortunately, not known for certain about the truth in news. That, there are issues that will blow the chip Apple is starting next year. The time is long indeed. However, this is done to avoid a claim that IBM does not allow Mark Papermaster work in the company's competitors in the period of less than a year since he moved from IBM. (srn)

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8 Reasons To Switch to a PC

Diposting oleh Didik Apriyanto on

Nine out of ten computers using the Windows operating system or other. There are eight reasons that can convince you that the Windows PC operating system.

1. Variations
Computer users sometimes switch from one type of computer to another type of computer for the variation. So also with a Windows PC, you need as a variation in computer.

2. A cheaper cost
Using a Windows PC will save you more money. If compared with the Mac, users will be "Apple tax." Windows offers many advantages, especially in terms of cost savings. For example only, the Mac laptop cheapest prices ranging from USD999 notebook while Windows can be cheaper from the price.

3. Windows PC with a wide variety of features that are not owned by Mac
Windows systems have a memory card built-in standard, HDMI connector that allows connection to HDTV. In addition there is also wireless broadband connections, TV tuners, and Blu-ray. On the Mac, you can only get the features to add, if third-party.

4. The more software that is used, the more easy to use
Windows applications have the capacity that can help you do various tasks. Most software developers have chosen to offer the potential consumer.

5. Windows users will get special treatment
Windows users are now enjoying the services Google browser 'Chrome for seven months and a video camera company Kodak has claimed compatibility with OS X of fact can only be used in Windows software. In addition, Microsoft Office can be more strong, intelligent and comprehensive if it is used on the computer version of Windows rather than Mac.

6. You can change it up and own
Computers will be more perfect if it can be built and changed according to the owner desires. Building a Windows computer the device is easy. This is different compared to the computer using OS X because they have to buy the original components of Apple Mac products.

7. Windows more profitable
Windows offers a wider variety of entertainment through a variety of features that can be directly held and enjoyed, while the Mac does not.

8. Perfect windows to access the site
Some sites can only be accessed completely through the Internet Explorer browser in the Windows. Some sites on the Internet require additional applications to be able memuncul. However, with Windows, it is not necessary. (srn)

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Live Also Search Map Making Flu Pigs

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San Francisco - have some technology that allows the search distribution of swine flu virus. Previously, Google through the Google Maps to bring convenience for the spread of the virus. Microsoft also appears to be no less responsive, they also present a similar technology called Virtual Earth.

Almost the same as in the Google maps, enter the Virtual Earth development easier for users to monitor the spread of swine flu in the world.

"Not only can check the spread of swine flu and the number of suspect in the world, Virtual Earth also provides additional information complete the form linked to different information sources," said Chris Pendleton said, a Microsoft spokesperson is quoted from Softpedia, Friday (1/5/2009 ).

According to him, Live Search Maps has a collection of cases of swine flu that has not already registered and that the distribution channels and their.

In the collection of information on this map is also equipped with a period where the spread of the virus occurred. Information distribution and migration routes of disease of swine flu came from government agencies or the news accurately, "he said. (Srn)

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Scientists Develop Technique Alien Search

Diposting oleh Didik Apriyanto on

WASHINGTON - Scientists seem akan impression being able to find space at the time of such alien before they leave Bumi.Untuk detect alien presence in the Earth, scientists will no longer find a way to use directly.

Scientists from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) developed a technique to find alien to the way of analyzing the material into the alien presence that includes a large number of molecules that have a duplicate.

Molecule on the right hand has the same composition with the left hand, but the actual chemicals that are in both have a different nature.

Because of the many criticisms of the particular molecule duplicate, Physics expert Thom Germer with the team that duplicates the molecule can be used as a tool to detect them.

"You do not want to limit myself to find out specific materials such as oxygen is used in the creation of the earth, as it will rise to assumptions about what life is. However, amino acid content, sugar and certain DNA is owned by every living creature," said the Germer quoted from the Times of India, on Wednesday (29/4/2009).

Many molecules that are not berasosiasi with signs of life. However, when an organism memproduksinya, their offspring will have the same molecular duplicate of the same with their parents.

Because the molecular instructions that reflect duplicate duplicate molecular mengidikasikan living creatures, the research team designed a device that can analyze the bacteria and plants. Then detect the reflection polarization of these organisms. This method is also used to medeteksi alien. (srn)

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